I wrote this song to express the rejuvenating feeling we get when connecting and finding peace in nature.     The chords are in the familiar jazz downward the progression starting with a little prelude using a major 7 to a minor 6.   The 6/8 time gives a gentle bluesy sway.  I am keeping everything simple and relaxing with a dash of a little soft piano solo.  It’s OK if you fall asleep.   The lyrics are both descriptive and metaphoric, but most are quite literal.

This will be the title track to the Album “A Walk In The Woods”


O  What madness we employ

              Bolstered by the engine noise

Mother nature is of our roots

              Held the breath of life in the woods

A blanket of greens from side to side,

               And the giant cedars cover the sky

The sound of a running brook

                  A creature fled when you look

A Walk in the woods, 

took away the craziness,    

the hectic nimbleness,

Disconnect the illusionists

A breath of fresh air

Filled my soul with hope,

gave me the strength to cope

Love is ,  a  walk in the woods

you’ll feel the breath of spring

               and hear and little bird sing

just closed your eyes and Listen

             to the sound in a distance