Album Cover Design

Receive $200 CAD cash to complete the cover if your conceptual design pitch is chosen.

This is not a Cash Prize contest, you will be required to agree to non-disclosure and the submitted concept artwork is evaluated privately.    The payment is for service rendered at full completion of the 2 side album cover.

You are first to listen to the songs than to provide concept artwork of the front cover and the overall design of the front and back and center label of a  7″ vinyl 33 LP.   the link sent via email to your after you agree to the above will provide all the working recordings (not quite the finished product but you can get an idea and feel of the album.  There will be lyrics.   The deadline is April 4/2021   $200 payment is on delivery of the camera-ready artwork 10 days after being chosen.   You agree to all the terms stated by filling the form below and clicking “I Agree”

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I hereby declared that I am under a legal and binding obligation to refrain from sharing publicly any of the material such as lyrics, recordings and all relating to the album project
A link to the files will be sent via email
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Why I didn’t just put a nice photograph of the woods up and call it a day?   just because the title is “A Walk in the Woods”.   You need to listen and feel the true image behind the album.