Creating Songs

19 09, 2020

One Day In Your Eyes

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This is the second song from Bill I choose to work on.  I've decided to make this an upbeat swing jazz.  It's easily adaptable to a big band. Simple semitone progression in the verse and fan out to big chords in the chorus.  I suppose this song can go either way of pop swing or slow jazz. I found [...]

12 08, 2020

Collaboration with writer Bill Butler

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Bill's lyrics are simple and flows well.  and sometimes I ask these same questions,  realizing that the more you know, the more you know you don't know and wanting guidance, some sort of a road map because you know there are so much more to do, more to learn and that there are more then what you can accomplish in [...]

31 05, 2020

Sunny Afternoon Development

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This song is about the celebration of a long loving relationship between two people.  Great for Wedding Anniversaries. It has a light and casual BosaNova beat,  very easy listening. Listen to the song in the video and in SoundCloud,  lyrics are below. Should I keep it as single or make it a duet? Sunny Afternoon (Lyrics) I, remember [...]

6 01, 2019

Songs in progress to be released

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Playlist Title: In the Rain These songs are work in progress. I am building a list of songs about the ups and downs of life, they are lounge pop jazzy with simple instruments, mainly piano and acoustic bass. I am hoping to get some comments and feedback before the full-blown production. #popjazz Please give your comments. Thanks for the rain [...]