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Rhythm and Music – a collaborative cultural musical event

An event to explore participation and collaboration between rhythm and melodies from the ancestor of our land to our entire community today.

We invite rhythm makers and creators to spontaneously invent music and present the product in a single interactive virtual event.


The direct relationship between humans and music is all due to the complexity of the ears and the brain, where auditory nerves that get signals from the Stereocilia in the Cochlea riding the waves created by three little bones and the eardrum.   So, this combination of tone and rhythm can move and groove you, makes you happy and sad, tell you someone is calling you on the phone or tell a story.  There isn’t anywhere or anytime on this planet where music and rhythm are uncommon.

How is this going to work?

  1. A call-out to anyone in the community to submit a 1 min video playing any drums or percussions, the more cultural significance the better, drums such as Djembe, Tabla, Bodhran, Conga, or Octapad.
  2. Melody creator will pick a video and create a melody or song with the beat.
  3. On Sep 12. Cheyenne Gardner Singer from the Skwah First Nation and Jazz Singer Pianist Peter Tam will host a Zoom inviting everyone, especially the video participant to talk about their experience and other cultural talks about rhythm and songs.

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