Vibrant Community

Make Maple Ridge the Live Music Capital of the Fraser Valley

I am a semi-professional musician, and sing and play piano in multiple performing groups. I’ve been a JUNO award judge and served on the Board of Directors for the Arts Council. I wholeheartedly support Arts and Culture because I understand the benefits and impact it has on both our well-being and our economy.

We can create vibrant venues for live music by removing barriers (such as permits and fees), provide incentives (such as a tax credit) for venues to hire local talented artists, and build our tourism industry to provide steady local jobs for artists to earn a living wage. We need to provide funding and support for festivals and special events that support local talent. We can create a live entertainment zone in the downtown area where local merchants are encouraged to contribute to a vibrant nightlife.

When a clear vision is defined and shared by many, it will become a reality.

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