This is the second song from Bill I choose to work on.  I’ve decided to make this an upbeat swing jazz.  It’s easily adaptable to a big band.

Simple semitone progression in the verse and fan out to big chords in the chorus.  I suppose this song can go either way of pop swing or slow jazz.

I found these lyrics from Bill very appealing, I felt the melody when I first read it.   It didn’t have a chorus so I added it by using some words from the verse.


by Bill Butler


I’ve seen the beauty,   of mountains and streams

I’ve felt the passion     of your hopes and dreams

I glide your starfield            I wing and I soar

I ride the current          I fly heaven’s shore


I lived a lifetime       one day in your eyes

Together we marvel…     how love never dies

I spent a week              One day in your eyes.

Now and forever         One day in your eyes.


One day you will see          the beauty I’ve found

It’s just who you are           when no one’s around

You marvel at how –       But it’s no big surprise

I spent a week        One day in your eyes.