Vision and action


Technology and Innovation Hub and Ecotourism Destination

My goal is to move Maple Ridge forward with innovative thinking and action, not with dialogue that divides us.    The core issue facing us in Maple Ridge is that we need economic development. We need to improve our economy by creating commercial tax revenue, local jobs, and by revitalizing our downtown core, but that is complicated by issues created by homelessness.  

Maple Ridge has been struggling with commercial tax revenue, which creates a burden on the residential taxpayers and deprives residents of amenities and services. I will focus on providing leadership in developing innovative strategies that take advantage of our unique resources and geographic location. It is important to plan infrastructure to support both the creative and high-tech industries, as well as to propose strategies as a catalyst for expanding our Ecotourism and farming industries. At the same time, we need to tackle the tough challenge of cleaning up and revitalizing our downtown core, and once again make it safe and a good place to do business.  

If elected, I will do all I can to work within the boundaries while aiming to resolve as much of the affordable housing and addiction issues as possible with the goal of revitalizing our local economy. When there seems to be no resolution, I will not ignore it or simply passing it under the rug. This is an ongoing problem and we cannot let it get worse, or stay stagnant.  The reality is we need to work with the province to tackle this issue. Our city does not have the funding and resources to do this alone.   While working on this problem we must show compassion and respect for all people  ̶   rich  ̶ poor  ̶  homeless without prejudice.

Being a problem solver, I will work hard on creative solutions while working within the boundaries of law and regulations with compassion, within a pragmatic approach to achieving our goal by following a clear vision.

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2 Replies to “Vision and action”

  1. Peter: I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet you at the Haney Farmers Market this past Saturday. Giving Maple Ridge residents an opportunity to connect with you, by inviting us to participate in a drum circle – with your wide range of drums from cultures around the world – was a uniquely brilliant idea. This connection sparked my interest to understand the issues that are important to you for our city. I appreciate the content you have on this site as it offers the information needed to make an informed choice re: council.

  2. I’ve known Peter for a very long time. He was a member of the first class I taught at Sheridan College more than 30 years ago. After graduation, Peter and some classmates invited me to join them on a canoe trip. Since then we have been friends, sharing in hikes, camping and even a trip to Europe.
    This is how I know that Peter cares deeply about Maple Ridge…the topic comes up in our shared travels. If the topic is a problem, Peter usually looks for the root, and if the topic is a solution, he will look beyond the conventional solutions. I know he will be a great councillor for Maple Ridge.

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