Security, Safety and Prevention

It is a priority to make our city safe and keep our citizens protected. Our economic development plan includes bringing vibrancy to the downtown, in addition to reviewing other factors that may prohibit business investments.  We need to keep business owners safe and their property protected in the downtown area.  We need to review policing strength, city infrastructure planning to deter criminal activities, volunteer programs, and drug enforcement.   Our city will also need to review our strategy on addiction prevention, youth wellness (depression and suicide prevention), poverty, and seniors care. 

Downtown revitalization plan

  • Support Housing First Strategy
  • Set a realistic timeline to work with the province to find a mutually acceptable location to build supportive housing.
  • Allow the province and social workers to house the homeless population while identifying the type of care is needed
  • Give realistic time for the province to address the remainder of the homeless with the objective to provide the service needed.
  • Support enforcement to clear the camp and begin restoration
  • Enhance police presence around area of high possibility in criminal activities such as drug dealing or thefts.  

As we move forward in working with the province to solve our homeless problem, we can’t ignore that that criminal element of drug dealing, theft and gang activities need to dealt with. The national standard of police officer per population is recommend at about 180/100,000 where we are at 122/100,000.  The best method of crime prevention is deterrent.

Crime prevention Plan

  • Finding the budget to add 12 to 15 police officers
  • Provide well-lit streets and urban walkways
  • Security Cameras at a few strategic locations
  • Encourage volunteer crime prevention programs like citizens on patrol

Youth and Seniors activities

  • Silver Valley needs a Community center
  • Design park space for active play
  • Partner with existing Schools to upgrade and create community center and activity centres

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