a personalized song request

You can dedicate a song to someone, or enjoy it yourself.

Each one is a unique performance, played live, and recorded only for you with mentioning who this song is for and any comment you provide.

The song will be performed either by myself or any of my professional musician friends.

Simply fill in the song information to the right and submit your requests.

  • Birthday wishes

  • Anniversary
  • Cheer someone up
  • For special someone

  • Bring back memories for a Senior
  • Sing along for fun


Once we can confirm that the song can be done we will email you a link to make a $5.00 payment and give you a date to when you will receive a link to the song

Leave blank if the song is for you
Leave blank if you are recieving it
Any relevant info to help identify the song
If this if for a special occasion Please provide the date (YYYY/MM/DD)
Tell us more about your request. What's special about this song? Do you like to hear this song sung differently?