This will be 60 x 48 painting of a contemporary abstract style piano capturing how I have managed to take my music to a virtual space during the pandemic.   I believe that participation creates fellowship so this project will take place at an outdoor space where I would invite anyone to come to participate and sign their name on the painting.

Scroll down to read more and find the clue to what’s missing 

What’s missing?

The first 3 people who identify it correctly will get a signed copy of the new release album “A Walk in the Woods” on vinyl.   This will be a special collectible signed copy    Simply E-mail me the answer.  (valid until Album official release date TBA)

The Concept

During COVID19 I am doing everything online, I am producing my live stream playing my baby grand, and producing my own bass and drums accompaniment, as well as working on the latest in streaming technology.   The items in the images inspire the abstract LIVE STREAM PIANO image.

Day 1

Putting down base paint and create a general outline.  I am using the purplish-pink for the base outline and adding blue because I am imagining the lighting on stage where cyan and magenta are used and as light reflects on a white surface it will look pink.

Day 2

Highlight piano keys with black paint because I want it to be the most prominent thing you see or generally anything in great contrast will catch the eye first.   So nothing is straight or mechanical  This image is in my imagination

Day 3

Filling in other colours and fixing dark colour paint.   No detailed shading yet,  going to sit and look at it and see what I am missing from my brain image.  The wine is not read enough.

Day 4

Adding music mist, and other fixing up highlights and colours.   The shade made everything a bit more 3D.  The yellow on the KRK speaker is catching my eye, they are not supposed to, should be just the piano keys.    and the wine is too red, this wine tastes like vinegar.  the top cloud lost continuation from left to right.   The second speaker leg disappeared.

Day 5

Some final touch made the mist a bit darker.    Something is missing!

Day 6

It’s not finished until it is signed.  I think I should put it on the lower right corner.