14 03, 2021

Composition completed on the 7th and last song on the Album

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I've been getting lyrics and poems from Bill and once in awhile a melody clicks-in,  I've been bouncing a few songs around and finally, something took shape with this one.   I am working with songs like a sculptor carving an animal from a piece of wood or rock.  You see it when you see it. This is [...]

8 03, 2021

Accordion for a Sunny Afternoon

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I was introduced to Debra when I hosted a virtual 2021 New Years' Eve Jam Party.   I thought that a romantic Parisian sound would be a good addition to Sunny Afternoon.   Debra is the first accordion player I've met and I knew she would be a wonderful musician to work with.  and to my surprise, [...]

2 02, 2021

A walk in the wood

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I wrote this song to express the rejuvenating feeling we get when connecting and finding peace in nature.     The chords are in the familiar jazz downward the progression starting with a little prelude using a major 7 to a minor 6.   The 6/8 time gives a gentle bluesy sway.  I am keeping everything simple and relaxing with a [...]

19 09, 2020

One Day In Your Eyes

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This is the second song from Bill I choose to work on.  I've decided to make this an upbeat swing jazz.  It's easily adaptable to a big band. Simple semitone progression in the verse and fan out to big chords in the chorus.  I suppose this song can go either way of pop swing or slow jazz. I found [...]