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Guiding artists, engineers, producers and music biz students in personal development, critical thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution.
Certified Processor at Integra Protocol Coach
Guiding you to the elimination of your inner battles
Bassist at ShoCore
Kickin’ ass and making memories!
Certified Coach at Accelerated Evolution
Guiding you to your ultimate life. End your struggle now! Create a Rockstar Reality
A Master Coach in training at WarriorSage
September 21, 2018 – Present·Vancouver, British Columbia
Camera Operator at SW Event Technology
Sports, Concerts and Corporate
Sound Healer at B.E.A.R.
Using Sound and Frequency to trigger enlightenment
CEO & President at 26-8 Music Publishing Inc.
2007 – Present·Vancouver, British Columbia
Recording, Production, Publishing and Placement
Singer/Guitarist at The Mighty One

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