Peter Tam

Songs inspired by the rain touches on gratitude and positive relationships between family and friends. Thanks for the rain is the first song soon to be released on label and to be distributed to Spotify, iTune and other streaming and download platforms.

This private playlist is a prototype space to engage with fans to contribute to the creativeness process. Please scroll down and make comments.

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Live Performances

Live shows are the fun part of the music business, you work hard with your team, kick their butts for the result of a great show for your audience and fans. That is the satisfaction that any of my partners and bandmates will not hesitate to participate in.

The four of my shows are very unique: I can solo to fit a tight budget, Piano & Cello Duet for the classical crowd, a little more then Rock & Roll with Elton John music, and Easy listening ballroom dancing, classy smooth Jazz.

Solo Piano
Piano & cello
Elton John Music
Elton John Music
Jazz & Bossa Nova

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