Qi is the life energy nourished by the music of the soul. This collaboration between Peter and Steph, featuring vocals and keyboards, brings a unique blend of jazzy folk rock to their original compositions and select cover songs. Their inventive melodies breathe new life into old classics while their original songs capture the essence of their creative spirit.

Qi is a dynamic musical duo formed by Peter Tam and Steph Jackson, offering a captivating blend of jazzy adult contemporary music and deep musical education. With 60 minutes of original songs, Qi provides an enriching musical experience that inspires audiences.

Peter Tam

Peter Tam, a talented singer-songwriter and composer, creates music inspired by nature. With a few thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, he has released 15 captivating songs, with 5 more due this year. Peter performs four days a week, continually honing his craft.

Peter’s musical journey began in 2020 when COVID-19 halted his aviation career. He has since released two singles and an album, “A Walk in the Wood,” available on all streaming platforms and as a 12″ vinyl. His performances at the Richmond Salmon Fest and Langley Rib Festival have earned him a growing fan base.

In 2022, Peter completed two Vancouver Island tours and an Okanagan Tour in 2023. He composed the English and Indigenous portions of a sold-out hybrid Chinese opera at the Orpheum Annex Theatre in Vancouver. He is also a recognized community member, having received the Scouts Canada Centennial Medal, a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Foundation, and the Rotary International blue medallion.

Steph Jackson

Steph Jackson is a musician and educator with over 25 years of experience. She holds two post-graduate degrees in music education with a major in jazz studies on guitar. Steph aims to foster a deep love of music, promote understanding between musical traditions, and instill holistic musicianship.

Steph believes in the power of music to connect emotionally and emphasizes learning in cultural contexts. Her focus spans jazz guitar, piano accompaniment, and leading band and choral ensembles. She enjoys exploring local and world musics, collaborating to break down cultural barriers and bring communities together.

The Synergy of Qi

Together, Peter Tam and Steph Jackson form Qi, combining musical talent and educational passion. Their expertise and dedication create a transformative musical journey, bringing people together and fostering a deep love for music. Qi is set to make a significant impact, captivating hearts and minds everywhere.