Thanks for the rain

I was inspired to focus my passion in music after attending the JUNOs in London, Ontario. And what do you know, just when I got back, it was raining for weeks in Vancouver. But after experiencing a few dry summers with drought and forest fires, we needed the rain. Facing Adversity let us appreciate the better times, so depends how you look at it. gratitude is a good thing.

I got hooked up with Andrew who produced Michael Buble’s first Album thru Songster Studio, the Pop-jazz genre and Andrew’s experience seems to be all a good fit. We started recording with a 4 talented studio musicians back in late April.

Its now time for release, within a few weeks the songs “Thanks for the rain” will be played on radios, streaming platform and download sites.

Songs in progress to be released

Playlist Title: In the Rain

These songs are work in progress. I am building a list of songs about the ups and downs of life, they are lounge pop jazzy with simple instruments, mainly piano and acoustic bass. I am hoping to get some comments and feedback before the full-blown production. #popjazz

Please give your comments.

Thanks for the rain

When I am getting depressed by all the rain, I realize that I needed the rain to appreciate the sunny days. Life is full of ups and downs but you need to have been thru bad times to see the blessings.