Sunday Dad’s Music

About us

Peter listens to Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole; his dad played when he was very young. They are what Peter subconsciously gravitated toward when composing his original songs, which sparked the conversation with his musical guest about what music influences their songwriting.

Every Sunday

We go Live with our singer-songwriter friend of all genres on YouTube and Facebook to engage with our audience every week, and every week Gary and Peter make new friends.

The Usual Format

I always have my guest plays 2 or 3 original songs and we talk about the story behind the songs, and as we talk about what our dads listen to, usually 2 to 3 covers songs that Peter plays with our guests on.  Half the show is filled with music and the other half getting to know our guests; about their projects, where they are performing, and most importantly about what inspires their music.

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We appreciate a $10 to $20 donation at the door to support the venue/host and artist.  We provide Seating, Tea & Coffee and a light snack, wine glasses.  You are welcome to bring your own refreshment.

We are limited to 12 people in our studio space

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The Live Stream Studio

Dad’s Music has transformed from a single guest with an artificial background to a hybrid live stream house concert space.  Still following the same format and theme of 60 minutes of talk and jam between Peter and his guests.